The Viking Yurt - Sleigh Viking Yurt dinner guests are transported 1,800 vertical feet up the side of the mountain by a snow-cat-pulled sleigh ride with the best night time views in Park City. The ride takes 23 minutes and if you are properly dressed as we recommend, it is a treat.

This is a truly unique experience that you won't find anywhere else in Utah. This custom designed sleigh made just for The Viking Yurt holds 32 people and is equipped with seats that face each other for an optimal party experience. We recommend you ride on the same side for both up and down the mountain so you can experience both views; looking up at the gorgeous snowcovered trees and sky one way and looking down at the city lights and far off mountain views the other direction. Warm, cozy blankets with wind and waterproof backing provide warmth and comfort on even the chilliest nights. They cover you from chin to toe so no need to bring your own blankets.

The heated cab holds a maximum of eight people and is ideal for those who want to enjoy a snug ride up and down the mountain and out of the ever-changing winter weather. Those in the heated cab should still wear proper footwear that is appropriate for walking on snowy, icy conditions. Wooden steps pull up and a plateform over the snowcat tracks for getting in and out of the cab.

The sleigh is only available for our dinner guests. We don't offer a sleigh ride only without dinner

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The Viking Yurt - Sleigh